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Blanche Health is an outfit created to tend to the Dental needs of Nigerians using a fresh, holistic approach. It comprises of Blanche Dental Clinic and Blanche Limited (our arm dedicated to dental promotions, sales and distribution of dental elements).

BLANCHE DENTAL CLINIC is your one-stop-shop  for world class quality dental care in a homely set-up at amazingly affordable costs.

We pride ourselves in the care we take to actually LISTEN to the patients’ needs. We take special care to EXPLAIN whatever our diagnosis is and lay out the available options in as clear a way as possible so that you can make an informed decision on what path to take if there are multiple options.

We know that the fear of pain is the main reason why most folks do not like to visit the dentist, therefore we take special care to make sure that our patients are comfortable, understand the procedure we want to carry out and ensure these procedures are done as painlessly as possible. Our sterilization procedures are impeccable and ensure there is never cross infection.

Available specialties include: Restorative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Dental Surgery, Child Dental Health, Oral Medicine.

We are young, we love young people and our services, outlook and approach to patient relations reflect this. Fresh, friendly and warm staff are what await you at Blanche.

The Chief Dental Surgeon is Dr. Timi, known to many as the celebrity dentist. His list of Celebrity clients at Blanche include D’Banj, DJ Jimmy Jatt, DJ Obi, Tekno, Emmanyra, Bassey, KB, Mannie, Osi suave, Katherine Obiang, Wana, Kayswitch, Dotun, Fade, Orezi, Omaalicha, Tyrone, Sheyman, Vina and Abbey, K9, Ajebutter22, Eldee and a host of others. These apart, he has cared for over 400 patients since the clinicdoors were open for the first time in Lagos in April 2013. For pictures, checkout his Instagram page: Search #CelebrityDentist and #BlancheDentalClinic and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @doctortimi

Book an appointment today! Call +2348077764201, +2348023836455 or email

BLANCHE DENTAL CLINIC: Suite K182, Road 5, Ikota shopping complex, by V.G.C, Lekki



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  • good evening is there a cure for bad breath/halitosis? what are the solutions? do you have an outlet on the main land?

    Your response is most appreciated.

    warm regards,

    • Hello! Yes, there are solutions to halitosis. But to find the right cure, we have to first ascertain the exact cause(s) of the Halitosis. Unfortunately we do not have a branch on the mainland for now. Pls call to book an appointment and we can help u sort out the halitosis issue.

  • Good evening doctor, all my teeth are decaying, I have extracted three already, am so worried, don’t wanna extract another, pls what can be done nd pls what’s d charge?

    • Call us…I’m sure we can help.

  • hi doc, i broke my teeth when i was thirteen. i went for a consultation last year and i was told i will have to get a root canal done on the front upper teeth as it was very severe.

    I have heard stories of root canal not lasting after it was done and it might even be detrimental to my overall health over time.

    am seeking to get the best replacement method for this tooth as am not happy with the overall appearance.

    kindly let me have suggestions and also if you can help me achieve the perfect smile…

    many thanks…

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