The BLEACHBRIGHT Teeth Whitening Promo!!!

Teeth whitening is fraught with side effects, the most uncomfortable of which (to the patient) is Temporary or Long term teeth Sensitivity. This side effect, as you know, is due to the peroxide base contained in regular bleaching agents. This is introducing a new unique teeth bleaching system that completely circumvents this particular side effect while still giving a fantastic result clinically: BleachBright.

BleachBright is one of the most popularly used teeth bleaching products in USA, Europe and South America and is a household name in cosmetic dentistry in those regions. This is because they have regulations (especially in Europe) frowning on peroxide based teeth bleaching agents and BleachBright has proven itself to be extremely effective without the unwanted qualities of these. This system also comes with maintenance products that help the teeth retain their newly attained whiteness for much longer periods than other regular products you are used to applying. With systems ranging from the professional LED whitening (dental chairside) to the take-home kit, the cosmetic pre-filled whitening kit and several others, BleachBright offers a range of effective whitening options that caters to everyone’s needs.
Blanche Dental Clinic is the only clinic in Nigeria and indeed Africa currently offering this exclusive service at the time of publishing this post. This is the only place for now that you can experience truly comfortable teeth whitening devoid of sensitivity. We are ready to also distribute to other dental clinics (the professional kits) and pharmacies, spas (the proven safe over-the-counter kits). Contact us to be a distributor or to be supplied at
BB Pro kit-pic (1)
Zero Peroxi (product out all)-pic

Call us on 08023836455 for a price quote and/or an appointment for free registration, free full dental consultation and 50% discount on Teeth Whitening and Scaling and Polishing.
Refer a friend for this promo by sending his/her name and phone number (please make sure he/she consents and is interested in the promotion before sending details) and you will also be eligible for the same said bounty at any time of your choosing within the next one year, provided the person you refer does partake in the promotion.

This is an opportunity for you to finally get that pearly white smile you have always wanted in style and comfort. Contact us today!


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  • How much is the price?Is it still 1000naira?

    • It’s not and never was, lol. Pls call or mail for a proper quote.

  • how much is this prome with the 50% going to cost me: if i book

    • Hi. A quote has even mailed to u I believe. Pls confirm. If not the mail us and it’ll be replied

  • please how much is your promo

  • please what is the price tag associated with this promo on teeth whitening?

    • Details have been mailed to u!

  • How much is your promo and when is it ending and where is your office.

    • Hi. It ends next month. Our address and numbers are on the website. Please check your mail for a price quote. Thanks!

    • We just sent u details to ur email!

  • Hi, how much is your teeth whitening? Do you open on Saturday?

  • what is the cost of this service please.

  • Kindly mail me, the promp price . Thanks

  • How much is this? Please send details. With promo

  • I have an eleven-year old girl go through the procedure? If yes, kindly mail me the costing and other information.

    Many thanks

    • Sorry for the typo error. I meant to ask if she (11-year old girl) can go through the procedure.

      • If she is 11 years old she may be too old to be an ideal candidate. Other options may however be possible to resolve whatever te issue may be. Bring her for an evaluation or mail us a picture.

  • Hi. How much is the service with the 50% off. Any side effect?

    • The regular side effect o whitening (sensitivity) does not exist here! Check ur mail for cost

  • Please send me the full price i.e. after the 50% discount. I am in Lagos

  • What is the cost for the whitening service, with/without the promo?

  • Pls if I order can I apply it myself or do I nid a specialist to do so..?

    • There is a line of the system that u can apply yourself if u prefer. Call us on 08023836455 to get information, price quote and instructions on this.

  • How much is the teeth whitening package?

  • How much with/without the promo?

  • Please send me how much the 50%is

  • How much is it.
    how can i get the details dr Tim?

  • Hi,

    Please provide a quote for this service. I am interested in his service.


  • Email me the cost based on the 50% discount

  • How much will this cost me

    • Hi. Pls call for a quote: 08023836455

  • How much for a family of four; the fourth being in Abuja but may vacate for Christmas

  • Please email a quation..

  • send me a quote for the whitening options

  • Hullo, Could you send details of your teeth whitening services with the discounted cost to my email please? Cheers.

  • Please send me a price quote. I’d appreciate one soon.

  • Hi Dr.
    I’ld be glad to get myself a set of shiny white teeth lol!
    Kindly inbox me the cost.


  • please i need a breakdown of the cost with the discount and procedures

  • pls relay the price of the self applicable home kit to me and inform me of ur office in Abuja, if any.

  • please email the promo price. Thanks

  • Is this offer still on,and if so how much after 50%discount?

  • Hello, pls what’s the discounted price for this teeth whining. Thanks cheri

    • Pls call for a price quote: 08023836455

  • please can you send me your quote for the promo.

    warm regards

  • you can reply me through this email address:

  • I have called your numbers with absolutely no response. Please let me know the cost/discount ASAP.

  • pls how much is the 50% off discount and is it permanent whiteness

  • please how much does it cost and when is the promo ending???

  • Pls how much is d promo price?

  • Hi Dr. Timi,

    Kindly mail me the quote for your services.

    Thank you.

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  • Hello Timi,

    Please I want to know what the dealdey promo covers and what your own promo price is? Thanks.

  • Good day Doctor, please i want to know the quotation for THE BLEACHBRIGHT-BLANCHE PROMO. thanks for your prompt reply.

  • Hello, can I have details sent to my email? cheers.

  • pls mail me the price

  • Good day,

    Pls, i wish to inquire about the teeth bleaching.
    How much and when can i come for it.



    • Hello! It is N30,000 for now (or N25,000 without maintenance foam). You can come and do it anytime u want, just call first to make an appointment. Alternatively you can call to order the homekits.

  • am in Abuja and i wil like to know your promo price and if you have any office in Abuja

    • Hello! Unfortunately we do not have a clinic partner yet in Abuja, however we can send you the homekit if you order it, with instructions on how to use it. Please let me know.

  • How much does the teeth whitening cost and when is the discount going to end?
    Kindly give me necessary details.


  • Hi, are your teeth whitening service still available.? Do you have a whitener pen. And how much is it…

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