The Zero-Peroxi BleachBright line is unique in the sense that peroxide is not utilised for whitening, therefore there is absolutely no sensitivity. It is now possible to have your teeth whitened either at home or at the dental clinic in comfort and safety.

BleachBright is the only whitening line that has been proven to give fantastic results without the pain of sensitivity. And it is now available in Nigeria at Blanche!

The professional chair side LED systems are available at our clinic. The on-going promo offers you the opportunity to have our 3-in-1 professional chairside LED whitening done at 50% discount (originally N60,000). It includes 2 sessions of LED whitening in our clinics where we will achieve at least 2-5 shades, a take home kit which will further take the teeth to whiter shades in the next seven days, and also a maintenance product to help maintain the newly attained whiteness for much longer than all other regular whitening systems afford. Promo time is limited. Please call +2348023836455, +2348077764201 to book an appointment.

You can now also order the self-use systems directly from us or from and have it delivered to you within Nigeria at unbeatable prices compared to anywhere else in the world. Wholesale and retail distributors are wanted nationwide. To order retail, please call +2348023836455, +2348077764201 or order online at (the dental care section). To order wholesale or for inquiries about wholesale prices, please call the same numbers or mail us at

Below are self-use or over the counter whitening products available in the BleachBright zero-peroxi line and their description and RETAIL prices. The promo price is 20% off these prices below, limited time offer:

BB Home Whitening System - N15,000
BB Home Whitening System – N15,000

With the BleachBright home whitening system, you can now have safe comprehensive teeth whitening in the comfort of your home. Contains the specially formulated home whitening gel (2 syringes), mouldable impression trays and a tray case. 2-5 shades whiter in 7 days of use, Zero-Peroxi/Zero-Sensitivity. And you get free professional support from Blanche.

BB Mini LED UV Advance - N12,000
BB Mini LED UV Advance – N12,000

Whether at home or on a road trip or just at the office, it is now possible to whiten your teeth safely with a mini analog of the LED system used professionally. Comes with the mini LED light source and the specially formulated whitening gel plus a shade guide to judge progress. 2-5 shades whiter in 7 days use. Zero-Peroxi/Zero-Sensitivity.

StarBright Dual Action Pen - N5,000
StarBright Dual Action Pen – N5,000

The dual action pen whitens the teeth and strengthens the enamel at the same time. Perfect for use as a maintenance product following professional whitening and also great just to keep your teeth pearly on its own. Easy to apply, easy to carry around. Zero-Peroxi/Zero-Sensitivity.

FoamBright Whitening Foam
FoamBright Cleansing Foam – N4,000

Many toothpastes claim to whiten, but none do it like The FoamBright Cleansing foam. Its special formula actually whiten the teeth visibly with use over time while protecting the teeth and gums against decay and disease and giving fresh breath all day long.

5 Hour Whitening Rinse - N4,200
5 Hour Whitening Rinse – N4,200

Many folks wish they could just have that brief flash of whiter teeth to get them through that particular day or that important occasion. It is now possible to do just that. The 5 Hour whitening rinse makes the teeth visibly whiter with duration lastin as long as 5 hours. Now you can have that whiter smile you wanted just for that event.


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