Knowing My Teeth

                      WHAT IS THE TEETH?

It’s a hard structure which is usually found in the jaw of many vertebrates and they are also used to help in the breaking down of food in the mouth. The roots of the teeth are covered by what is known as the GUMS. As humans, we have two {2} sets of teeth which are known as the Primary and secondary – babies and adults respectively. The times at which the do come out is different whereby, the development of each of these set of teethes quite similar.      Healthy Teeth

There are various types of teeth which also are backed up with several functions. they include;

MOLARS – This is used for grinding and also chewing the food.

•  PREMOLARS – Also known as, ‘ bicuspids’ which is used to chew and grind.

INCISORS – These are the teeth you use to take bites of your food also, they are eight set of teeth, right in front of the mouth {four at the top and four at the bottom} .

CANINES – They are the sharpest which its used for tearing and ripping.


                THE PARTS OF THE TOOTH

Regarding the tooth, it is divided into two basic parts ; the roots which you can not see and the crown which is can be seen. The teeth contains four kinds of tissue which are;

  1. Cementum

2.   Enamel

3. Pulp

4. Dentin


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